Pacific Dragons Paddling Guide

Version 3


The PD Paddling Guide is your quintessential reference for all info relating to technique, steering, training, rigging, nutrition, stretching, racing and generally all things paddling.

Coaches will frequently refer to items contained in the guide and should be your first port of call whenever you're unsure about anything paddling related.

What's Updated
NSW Maritime latest weather phone number
Outrigger Steerer Guidelines
Outrigger Race Start Procedure

What's New
All About Water Change Races
Sprint Turns 101
Steering With The Assistance of Other Seats
Tips For Steering and Paddling
PD Outrigger Steerer Skill Level Guidelines
Single Craft Guidelines
Tips for Training as a Single Craft Squad
Pacific Dragons Single Craft Skill Levels
Introducing The Weather
Nutrition For Those With High Training Loads
Maps of Main Training Areas

Many Thanks
The knowledge contained in the Pacific Dragons Paddling Guide has been built up over a number of seasons by a group of people passionate about paddling and all the great experiences that go with it. Many thanks to these people, and others who have contributed their know-how to the PDs over the years.

Pacific Dragons - Amanda Wyllie, Claire Hosegood, Dave Walker,
Gavin Godfrey, Geoff Anderson, Grant Billen (Billy), Linda Ng,
Nick Valentine, Terriane Palmer

Others - Corey Hinde (NutraFit Training Systems), 'Skipper Rich'
(Marina Del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club), Steve West (Kanu Culture)

Any feedback/input on the guide is most appreciated and can be emailed to

Download The Guide
Pacific Dragons Paddling Guide Version 3 (1.7M PDF)